The Family Behind the Brand

Welcome to The K/S Company. Sy & Kristi Olson own and operate The K/S, a diversified farm and ranch in the Texas panhandle. The K/S brand was created in 2002 upon the purchase of the home place where Sy’s grandfather was raised. Several acres and cows have been added since that original purchase, and Sy and Kristi continue to look to the future with the same energy and optimism that a livelihood in agriculture requires.

Both hailing from a production agriculture background, Sy & Kristi are very passionate about the industry- especially the people they are fortunate to do business with and the culture it provides to raise their family in.

Sy Olson

Just a few miles from The K/S, Sy grew up in the registered Angus business with a keen interest in the family’s farm. After completing a B.S. in animal science from Texas A&M University, he earned a M.S. in finance before heading back north.

Sy’s focus is the farm but crosses over to manage the feed and nutrition for the cattle operation.

Kristi Olson

Similarly, Kristi was raised on a diversified farm and ranch west of Vernon, TX. After earning a B.S. in animal science, Kristi signed on to be a full partner in The K/S. Through the generosity of a dear (and very patient) friend, she has learned how to flush and transfer embryos.

Kristi manages the cattle operation with plenty of help from the boys, who can always be found in the center of the action.


Asa Olson (9 yrs)

Asa is the self-professed rancher; tractors move too slowly for this brother. He is very interested in learning to palpate/ultrasound/A.I. and plans to begin livestock judging in the spring. Horses are his passion, and he is currently a fledgling cutting horse showman. Asa loves to play all sports, especially baseball, and is an avid reader.


Augustus Olson (8 yrs)

Augustus can ride a pony with the best of them and enjoys the cattle too, but his heart is in the farm. Always soliciting his dad to drive machinery, he has an innate curiosity to discover how things work. Augustus can start almost any type of small motor and can often be found using his lawnmower to haul around all manner of things. Augustus is also passionate about baseball and has recently taken up golf.

Sy Yates Olson (5 yrs)

“I’m not gonna play any type of sport. I’m just gonna be a rancher!” Yates announced a few days ago as he pulled down his black cowboy hat and headed to the barn. Yates wears many hats at The K/S- the boss, bronc-stomper, the assistant, chute operator, cattle pusher, entertainer- the list goes on. He loves nothing more than to ride his pony and work cows. His absence during the workday has been felt deeply since he began kindergarten in August.



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